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Thursday Games night
pointing morph
Tomorrow (today now actually as is now 3 am...) I won't be here for the beginning of games night as I will be driving my Polish visitors to the airport. However, Joss will be here after 6 pm as she is also have a wi night at the same time.

So come after 7pm :) and if you need a lift from the station I think that either Joss's boyf might be able to pick you up or Pat if he is coming. Perhaps ring me tomorrow afternoon to check? Am very very tired as have just finished a game of dominion. Also played Munchkin Cthullo and Traitor with my Polish guests. oh and cooked dinner for 10 people...

next week games im hoping to be in France... dunno if anyone will be here so will post next week... and this weekend am off camping!!!!!!!!!!

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How do you manage to have the energy to do all this after a Worldcon. I would kill for that energy. But then Liam and I spent our last night in San Francisco going to a Psy Trance rave and stayed up most of the night, so it is probably no wonder I am still home sick.

I have NO energy left I have only coffee and redbull. I am hoping to get everyone out the house in the next hour so i can then sleep a bit till I have to drive people to various places later today then play games this evening..

Psy trance sounds good :) am sooo jealous you went to San Fran.. I wanna go!

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