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Games are on this week plus I
pointing morph
Made a new Christmas Card

Silver Dragon Christmas Card from

Games are on from around 7 pm ..

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Might be able to come to games. Currently stuff with Sara so need to be available for babysitting. If we come can we bring dogs as they are learning to socialise with other dogs. Or will your gorgeous high-born be disturbed at the visit from our hooligans? Bob does fancy females ..oh hang on I think thursday is BRD (balls removal day). B thinks this will make him less lustful and less aggressive with boy dogs. I wonder if they get to come home after the op. Or we might just have Molly.

Kayla might not be so friendly with Molly untill she has been for a few walks with her and got used to her... :)

Ooh, I've come over all Christmassy! That's an enchanting design and I think it will sell very well :)

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