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Games Night
pointing morph
Got back last night from a long long weekend away in Southwold were I became an unGodmother to Zachary :) Then spent some very pleasant days in Southwold with Zach and his 2 sisters (5, 3, nearly 2..) and his parents. Had lots of fun, visits to the beach playground etc :) which should stand me in good stead for my occasional(very very occasional for five seconds...) ooh ill never have another baby feelings :)

Whilest I was away Campbell returned to London with his friend John, to see how Jay was getting on .. who had had a party .. (bad... but not too bad only about 10 of them and house not particularly wrecked..) also coped with cat getting very ill in night with bleeding from his er penis .. (the cat NOT jay..) and got the cat to the vet in the morning (good .. shows he can be trusted!) Rudy also came over to stay and build some computer network thing he is experimenting on and then Chereese, Joss, Dan, Marcel, and Ben came back and all crashed in the living room.. (joss and dan stayed one night then went to swansea then came back last night.. weird kids.)

I walked in last night rushing to unpack car so I could pick up now much better cat from vet and went ...
aggggggggghghhhh and shouted at the first person I saw who happend to be jay :)
the house looks like a bomb site!!!

I have been organising them all to tidy up a bit .. though it seems it was everyone else's plates... and there WILL be games tonight.. however .. crash space is a bit short cos right now im expecting to have staying here.. me, cam, jay, rudy, john, chereese, ben, marcel, joss, dan and I believe charlie is turning up later...

I think ill go back to southwold ...

If you want to stay at mine at the moment.. you can't :) were full!

Now to go sort out Rudy who has camped in the Art room where I need to be working...


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