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Home again
pointing morph
yea!!! got home yesterday morning. Had an impromptu games night... Chereese and Elias hosted and cooked chicken as I was way tooo tired to do anything. Played dominion with the two new specials you get from gameboardgeek... opened the bottle of maple syrup whiskey I had brought with me. WE ALL drank most of the maple syrup whisky stuff.. where can I get more in London? Played red dragon inn.. went to bed really late but couldnt sleep as my body is very confused now about when I am actually supposed to be sleeping... plus i was drinking redbull in between the whisky :)

Worldcon was fun :) sold all my prints (yay) but not the paintings (boo) though someone emailed Joss about some jewelry and clothes she wanted from someone at the con and they wanted to negotiate a deal with someone re the two little paintings so we will see .. though now we back in UK is probably too late.. Met some really nice people, and hundreds of friends of Lunatic. Er just reread that and the two aren't mutually exclusive as in .. the hundreds of friends of Lunatic were all really nice people .. The games room was the least visited by me of any con I've been to .. cos it moved .. and was in the convention centre during day and hotel at night and I kinda got involved in going to the parties.. and helped very slightly Joss and Dan control the lifts. (actually was quite fun in the lifts and you got to meets loads of people for just the right amount of time.. considering my inability to concentrate for more than five minutes..) Joss and Dan got Hero awards though!!!! go them!!! for sterling work in the lifts!! I went to a programme item at the con too on Celtic stuff and it was good.. sigh see that ? my gifted writing and critique style whereby I write a report on a program item in barely literate English.. no wonder my son can't do English exams.

Joss Chereeeeeseeeee and Dan disappeared off to go camping earlier today, Jay had already left home and gone up to the Lakes for a few days whilest I was away and I am taking Elias to the airport tomorrow for plane back to Denmark.. so .. amazingly .. there is ONLY me in house tomorrow!!! and Campbell :) this happens very very rarely so.. YOU and that means YOU are not invited to my house this Saturday to play games, call in to walk the dog, nooo not even to ask me to attend a party with Neil Gaimen or Steve Jackson .. or... Antonio Banderas.. We are going to stay in quietly and watch True blood.

Normal service will however be resumed next week.. Games on Thursday at mine from 7 pm all welcome though if your a newcomer give me some warning! .. er though actually on second thoughts I might be going to France next weekend.. however Chereessse is still staying here and can let people in if I cant make it. I heard games was good the week I was away with some very drunk and debauched activities...

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Welcome back! It was good to catch up with you there :)

Well I'm still lurgied ;-(

awwwwwww.... Canadian Swine Flu?

Yes welcome back and I will come tomorrow it that is ok. I don't suppose I could come and walk the dog? I miss my dogs! I walked 3 times today but it didn't feel right. And I was fed up when there having to walk them.

read latest post :) sure you can walk the dog sometime but I cant join you.. hurt my toe badly by banging it just before the con and its still swollen and hurts when i put shoes on so am avoiding such situations as much as possible so others walking dog..

am not here much of tomorrow as am on airport duty! but will be back about 8.30 9pm for games.. but peeople here will open door if you come earlier! xxx

are you busy earlier in the day? it would be nice to just chat, maybe afternoon instead of games in evening?catch up

agh not today .. just having my coffee and sorting out the visitors trip into London for the day .. then have to sort out Joss and her friends.. then im going to catch up on some rest before driving up to Luton... Another day perhaps?

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