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Games tonight
pointing morph
Yeah there is games tonight... if you can get here ;)

However due to Joss leaving guitar hero/band thingy here temporarily for the next two weeks.. there maybe a bit of guitar hero tonight... (we have two guitars, drums and a couple of mics though one seems a bit dodgy now..)

When people mention guitar hero etc I always thought it sounded a bit silly (yeah coming from me the farmville eq2 addict..) and ive never been one for xbox etc games usually only play on the computers.. but its FUN really fun.. playing along to the beetles, and I'm getting to know way more modern rock music than I did before and discovering bands I'd never heard of like Queens of the Stone Age. This is mainly due to my concentration on urban music, r&b reagae, latin music etc over the last few years and I hadn't really listened to much rock/indie music made in the last 20 years (oops.. theres some good stuff out there!)Weirdly trying to drum in time to the music or play along with the bass or guitar riffs makes you listen more and appreciate the music more and skillz that go into it. You actually start to listen to each bit of the song and how its put together its a great learning device. (well for me anyway..) which I hope to transfer to my current project of learning to play african drums so I can join drumming circles.. (gods sad old hippy that i am..)

Apart from that I am still tidying up debris from the holidays and hoping for some tall visitors so I can put the xmas decos' away.. doing TAX gods i hate that and clearing up art room so I can actually paint for a while instead of doing endless stuff on websites etc..

Hmm new years resolution.. to type properly here not stream of conciousness and actually correct my spelling grammer etc and stop the proliferation of .........

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Not quite sure I can make it - what with the ice and all that.

just follow in Campbell's footsteps!

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