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Thursday Games night and stuff
pointing morph
There will be no Thursday games night here this week.. or for a while maybe... I was going to cancel this week anyway as I have had a house full recently and Joss is staying till Wednesday and I needed to get the house life etc sorted and work started.. There may be games at an alternate venue but I don't know yet..
Events overtook me on the canceling for a bit of quiet reason though.. cos on Sunday I noticed the fan in the downstairs bathroom was making a funny noise and I mentioned it to Dan, Joss's boyf, who as the good boy he is offered to take a look. As he went to look at it though all the lights blew downstairs and we noticed there was water on the ceiling... eeek.. So the shower upstairs can't be used (I think its the overflow in the bottom thats broke.. ) and the plumber is coming tomorrow and will probably have to take the ceiling down. The insurance will cover some of the work hopefully, but the downstairs will be a bit of a mess and there are still no lights on that ring of the eletrics.

So till further notice games here on Thursdays are canceled.

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Just because the house is falling down is no reason to wimp out. Honestly, no dedication some people.

We have 3 bathrooms, if you should want to ......ah no you have others too.

Eek. Am now getting random guilt for having used the shower on Saturday.....

That runs my plans to come stay near the end of Jan.

Sorry to hear that. Bummer.

thought it was end of Feb u was coming down? I am still waiting for a plumber here.. so no idea when anything will be fixed...

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