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on no another birthday is coming and so im having a party..
pointing morph
This Saturday, 17th of April from 6 pm (or earlier if you wanna help prepare food, tidy up, practice garage band thingy) a small board games and rockband/guitar hero party! (hopefully but as it got left behind in Swansea we still working on getting it up here for Saturday and the games too...)

Please bring food and drink, I have no idea how many peeps will turn up but its late notice and so am not expecting loads :) This one is not one of the huge special birthdays so am keeping it lowkey. The house is full of strange Dutch and American men who have not left after Eastercon so crash space is limited to the living room floor and couches... :) Please bring a sleeping bag if you need to stay here!

If you can read this you are invited, if you wish to bring a friend let me know :)

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Well I'd love to but I'm meant to be going to Southhampton to nerd it up. However there's some confusion over dates.....

So lord knows. Seems unlikly.

awww :( i have been practicing my guitar hero too!!!

I am definetly off to southampton.

Have a good one - and use hte power of rock for good.....

Or at least fun - if not actually good.

anna and i hope to make it. We shouldn't require crash space and can maybe help with food if you like...

that sounds brilliant! thank you :)

am off out today to go watch hair hopefully :) but am in and/or shoppig all day tomorrow so give me a bell:)

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