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House Moving
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Haven't been on any social networking sites for ages.. and haven't been posting much, as have been busy. Busy trying to clear out 15 years of mess in my house and putting it on the market. Am still working on getting everything in storage which when you have been here this long, are as unable as I am to chuck out junk, and have your stuff and your 2 kids is hard!!!!

Well I got a buyer,, and found the perfect house! Had offer accepted etc.. then someone else bought it instead.. they seller liked them better... oh my god...

I usually try not to post on lj etc if im feeling sad but I thought for once I would go against the rule as maybe saying it all will get it out of my system.

I really want to move for various reasons.. one of the main ones being of course moving in with wonderful Campbell. I was so looking forward to that. The other of course is that my Mum is now 82 and really shouldn't be driving etc. She is very very independent but I worry about her all the time. The house was a short (dog walk through woods..!) away from my mum and we were both looking forward to me being able to pop in more and be there if she needed me... Strangely enough hardly any nice houses we like come up close to my Mum so now I'm unsure what to do next. If we move anywhere else its going to mean my Mum will have to move .. which I don't really want her to have to do as I think she is going to have to move somewhere much much smaller in a few years anyway... She did think about living with us but she wanted needs a lot of her own space so we kinda gave up on that idea...

Oh well.. back to clearing out my house .. not sure what is going to happen next.. I am sad but ill get over it. Am worried cos I don't want to miss out on the buyer from my house but with 2 cats, a dog, and the rabbits plus all my furniture not sure where we will all go. could probably do a month with my mum and the dog but shes not really keen on having her there...

Joss joss really liked the house too :(

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Best of luck. It sounds like a good idea to be ready to take advantage of any good houses that come up...

Give me a shout if I can help at all.

there will be a house of awesome. this happened to me last year. sort out everything yu cannot live without and let the removal company store the rest :-)

I'm so sorry to hear this. House buying is horribly stressful and losing a house near your mum really sucks.

Thanks guys.. am just getting the will power together to get on with the immediate problem of sorting through all the crap I'd collected in this house.

Turns out the seller actually knew the other buyer, they were friends from her son or something from school..

Kinda wish they had said something earlier..

Really sorry that you lost the house you wanted. There has been talk about getting legislation to stop this kind of thing from happening.

If you need a hand with something let me know.

I really hope that something you like does turn up soon.

From bitter experience of moving in the last few years, selling and buying is very stressful. 2007 sold QE Drive and bought Everard Ct. And Spain. 2009 bought Cambourne, sold Everard and tried to sell Spain. 2010 bought Watford, sold Spain. All very upsetting deals with buyers offering stupid prices and sellers not deciding to go when I wanted to move. Hence the new houses.

There are new ones in Loughton, you know.

But your mum will be ok driving, she is so together. Mine was mid 80s and had Alzheimers when she stopped.

Fingers crossed for you to find a place soon. Sadly no room here for a visiting pooch. xxx

I think you are coping very well with all this. I will keep my fingers crossed that you find another property you like soon. If you need any help give me a shout, hug Julie

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